237.130 Week 6: Assessment 2: Who else is talking about ‘this stuff’?

visual technologies shape the way they see others, themselves, and the world we live in
historical paintings, drawings, photographs, material objects
Contemporary visual technologies cameras, mobile phones, computers, virtual reality
images shape versions of the wider world
filter access to knowledge and information
Google glass
Mae West Diane Arbus


Contemporary Cultural Questions: How Will Technology Continue to Influence Art?


The Real Reasons Google Glass Failed



237.130 Week 5: Assessment 2: Task 4:


Kim Kardashian “When your like I have nothing to wear LOL” 2016

This image shows celebrity Kim Kardashian taking a ‘selfie’ for Instagram. Kim Kardashian captures her reflection in the mirror using her iPhone camera. She is completely naked in the photograph with  edited black squares covering up her private parts. Sturkens “Practices of Looking” text states “To be made to look, to try and get someone else to look at you, or at something you want to be noticed, or to engage in an exchange of looks entails a play of power.” This quote sums up this image and much of many current celebritys lives in current times. By  voluntarily posting a picture on social media which practically shows all is a scream for attention, a cry for more likes and to be talked about more. Her caption “When your like I have nothing to wear LOL” is laughable as she probably owns enough clothing to dress a small city. The image also shows the power people have through social media and how images posted can shape the way people are viewed.

237.130 Week 5: Assessment 2: Task 3D:

Task 3 helped me to think about different ways to interpret and understand photographs and visual texts. This is extremely helpful in my research for providing examples within my essay of visual texts. The Rose, Gillian text will be really helpful with interpreting visual texts and gaining a deeper understanding and I am looking forward to going through all of my visual texts and answering her questions. This process has helped me find a way to create relationships from visual texts that interest me and relate them back to my question and essay topic through looking at artist intention etc. It made the process more interesting by relating it all back to fashion and really searching for relationships between my question and what the subject matter of the images i have chosen are wearing and what this says about them.

237.130 Week 5: Assessment 2: Task 2: Visual Analysis:

I found the 2 Weegee images shown in Sturken Cartwright’s article shocking. the thing that stood out to me most in this piece of writing was how the Sturken’s quote “looking can be easy or difficult, pleasurable or unpleasant, harmless or dangerous” was completely personified in Fig 1.1 Page: 10. The different emotions are so easily identifiable and almost every person in the image is communicating each different word through facial expression. The writers tone seems sincere and all descriptions are in depth, complex and knowledgeable.

237.130 Week 5: Assessment 2: Task 1: Visual Literacy:

Video: Art Historical Analysis

This video showed how to analyse historical painting and artworks and how to figure out what the artist is trying to communicate. By looking at a visual texts formal properties, subject matter and historical context I will be able to analyse the images I have chosen and figure out what artists did historically to shape versions of ways the outside world was portrayed and how through the use of technology this has changed.