237.130 Week 7 Blog Task

  1. Pisupo lua afe (Corned beef 2000) by Michel Tuffery was an Artwork on show at Te Papa in Wellington. The artwork is based on Pisupo lua afe which is often given as a gift and eaten at weddings or any other important meetings of people. Although the Pacific islands have cattle raise don their land all of the Corned Beef eaten here is imported. ‘My corned beef bullock talks about the impact of global trade and colonial economies on Pacific Island cultures.  Specifically it comments on how an imported commodity has become an integral part of the Polynesian customs of feasting and gift giving.’ (Tuffery, 2009)

2.Siliga David Sotoga was a Pacific Islander artist who began creating t-shirts in an attempt to empower Pacific Islanders by wearing the derogatory terms used to put them down visibly on a t-shirt. Previously, terms such as Fob, freshy and bunga were used as insults but Sotaga used these terms in familiar slogans to create a sense of identity for Pacific Islanders. Using reworked commercial slogans and symbols also added a sense o humour and light-heartedness to the t-shirts.

3. The Documentary ‘Dawn Raids’ (Fepulea’i, D. 2005) covered what it was like as a Samoan, Pacific Islander or any person of colour during the 1970’s in Auckland. Homes were raided, ‘random checks’ were pursued on any non-pakeha, fines were issued and arrests were made looking for overstayers in NZ. Pacific Islander communities were being targeted by Police and fines were handed out for any minor reason.


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