237.131 Week 10

  1. I moved from Australia to Christchurch at the age of 2, both of my parents are Kiwi’s and we have always lived an idealistic middle-class lifestyle. I don’t identify myself with any culture but would consider myself cultured. Living through the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake changed me as a person. Natural disasters don’t discriminate and being surrounded by people who had lost family and friends taught everyone in the city to appreciate and love the people around you while you can. A sense of togetherness held the city as people attempted to find happiness in this difficult and broken time. Flowers placed in road work cones became a common sight to see. I remember sleeping with two other families in a friends lounge room the night after the earthquake took place, the TV played all night as firefighters and rescue teams pulled people from the rubble left in the city. We were lucky enough to have only minimal damage to our home and my parents could afford to send us kids away to go to school and try to continue life normally.

237.131 Week 9 Blog Task


  1. Stages of a Powhiri
  2. In Dick’s lecture, he spoke about Maori representation in souvenirs or contemporary imaging always being set years ago. Recent images are never shown of them and they are only portrayed similarly to how they were at the first point of European contact. They are almost always shown in traditional dress and pictures of them show them living in huts etc. although they have not lived this way for decades. This is another false representation of them as a race in current times and add to the long list of ways Maori are misrepresented as a Race of people in NZ and around the world.